Iphone Contributes 51% of US Smartphone Traffic

The US population is under the influence of the technology. The people are greatly dependent on the devices which provide them the utility to get easily connected to internet. This is presently not considered as a luxury but the necessity. In today’s world one needs to have the facility of being connected to the world for fulfillment of different requirements. The information industry is rapidly shaping up in the way to meet the requirements of the public. Like in all parts of world, also in US the users are randomly changing the products because of its features and feasibility.

The charming appeal of Iphone.

The charisma created by iphone has attracted the people of US. The data provides also supports the fact that in US people are more inclined towards buying iphone because of its smart usage. The application of iphone holds so much convenience for the user that he would hardly like to switch to other product. Its usage stimulates kind of addiction for the user. The Apple products are designed in a way that they get to satisfy the expectations of the clients in best way. So to get attracted to Iphone and its news is irresistible by the clients.

Apple a status symbol

The apple phones are these days carried just because that is considered as a status symbol. The people who are using Apple products are satisfying their urge to be known as financially sound people. The materialistic approach also compelled them to buy these phones. The increase in its market share may result because of this approach prevalent in the society

The market leader

The apple has emerged as a dominating market leader of the US cellular industry. It has gained the substantial place in the market and has kept many strong companies aside. The dominant place has been earned by improvising the unique changes in the design. The applications supported by iphone are so interesting and captivating that it also attracts the potential customer. The all application hold great convince for the user. The multi-tasked product is so much liked by the people that over a short period of time Apple have gained notable market shares. The success of iphone is not only limited to US but in fact they are enjoying this fame in almost all parts of world and according to the digital pundits Apple is going to remain as the “Apple of the eyes” for the people.