iPhone Giant Apple Has Released First Update Of Its Lion OS

Last day the authority of the iPhone giant Apple has launched their first update of Lion OS X operating system, not only that in that conference the authority of Apple has also declared their main purpose behind it – to check its stability and compatibility.

According to the authority of Apple – all the users are recommended for running this OS X Lion, because in this version they have resolved all of those the five known issue with this operating system.

According to the company “In this version we have fixed all of those entire issues which has made this system unresponsive like playing any video in Safari, stopping of response of HDMI port at the time of audio play etc.

Also, they have solved the Wi-Fi connection issue in their new beta OS X version, which before that always create problem in the area of data transfer.

The company also demand that their, this new version will not miss the admin user account also after the upgrading to OS X Lion.

Before getting the advantage of it you have to use a Software Update tool, but mind it authority of Apple has also recommended their user to back up their valuable data at the time of installation and the authority also declare that the user who have tweaked their system may run into problems.

The company said “At the time of installation you may experience some unexpected results if you already have a pre installed third party system software or later if you modified your system through the third party. Though, some of the updates must be installed as a prior to others, so you should run more than a time in order to make sure that you get all your available updates.”