Is Amazon’s Kindle Getting Facelift ?

Amazon Kindle

Kindle is an eBook reader from the house of Amazon. It has captures a niche in the market and stands tall amidst competition from eBook readers from leading companies such as Apple, Sony and Samsung. Amazon has been known to be developing a new electronic reader in a joint venture with Samsung. Now, it has come to light that the tablet being developed is ad advanced color version of the successful Kindle.New features expected in the new kindle

According to rumors about the new Kindle, the tablet is being called “Hollywood”. The device is expected to offer video streaming facility and users will be able to either purchase or rent videos through the gadget. As per the little tidbits that have become known, the new models will have a ten-inch color screen and a more powerful processor than Kindle. Since Amazon already offers free movie service to its customers, one can safely expect that the company will make this feature available on the tablet. The tablet might have Amazon’s Cloud Drive digitized storage locker. On the whole, it is being rumored that Amazon will take a leap from making just an eBook reader to a complete tablet.

What is the expected cost of the new device?

Although all the features and applications of the device are yet to be known, the price of the device is being expected to be somewhere around $400. The features device is being expected to be midway between iPod and Nook. The price is also expected to be midway between a wholesome tablet and makeshift one. The new Kindle will have to be better than the much-acclaimed Nook Color if it has to make a mark in the highly competitive market.

Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX

The two previous models by Amazon have been hugely popular in the eBook reader market and have surpassed sales of some of the leading companies with some very appreciable features like anti-glare touch screen, excellent library management, text-to-voice conversions and adjustable text sizes and varieties. The device also offers numerous language translations and dictionaries.

The enormous eBook reader market

The market for eBook readers is enormous due to the many advantages it provides. Apart from the fact that you can carry thousands of books within one device, eBook readers are easy to handle, carry and charge. These readers come with good battery backup, which give up to two weeks of reading.