Is it Possible to Beat iPad

UK’s leading technology and business publication, covers technology strategy and management issues. Its editor, Steve Ranger recently came up with 5 strategies for Apple’s rival companies to catch up with its iPad as till date none of its competitors have been able to come up with a similar product. Even after 18 months of its launch, no efforts on the part of those who tried to make a standing in the market for their product against the touchscreen giant have failed. In fact, the only product that replaces an iPad in the market today is the iPad itself, but of a greater version. To match its continuously rising sales and increasing turnover, a few basic steps need to be followed by its competitors which were penned down by Steve.

The first step includes integrating the product with other tools so that it becomes appealing to the customers as its usefulness increases. Though the fact is that Apple has already taken this factor into consideration which is basically why the iPad has gained superiority over the tech market. Going a step beyond this, the gadget can be so designed that it can be paired with other types of gadgets too. The second step should be the user friendliness of the tablet. Using the latest technology is required but not at the cost of customer dissatisfaction. The hardware, though required to be available with the latest standard kit, should include ports for different connections. The third way is to make the tablet affordable for business use as well so that it can be incorporated in the IT budgets of companies.

This also requires making it user friendly, providing extremely good security and device management systems. The fourth way to create an effective hold on market is to create a product which is at power with the existing iPad or even better. Creating something even close to the ones already dominating the market won’t do any good as the consumer will obviously go for the already existing tested one. The last and the most crucial step is to build a tablet which will promise a high revenue generation. A few new and catchy applications will help woo the customers. This will provide the needed promotion. As a start-up strategy the prices must be kept to the minimum and adding some alluring applications will be enough to do the trick for the new ones!