Issues with Samsung Chrome book

Missing virtual private network
The operating system used by the Chromebook does have an in-built virtual private network. However, the VPN is in the experimental stage and takes some efforts to find the network and activate the feature. Users have to run the feature from the address bar and find it within the list of experiments. After being able to find the VPN support feature, you need to activate it. Presently, the Chrome operating system supports only some L2TP/IPSec that are compatible with Cisco and Windows server, which is a hindrance as there are other VPN servers, such as OpenVPN.Wi-Fi security not supported

Another issue with the Chromebook is that it does not support all of the Wi-Fi security systems. The biggest concern with the new device is that it does not support the Wi-Fi protected access II and the lightweight extensible authentication protocol. Again, users need to find the access from the Experiments and activate the Wi-Fi security system.

File manager is lacking

To access the file system, users either insert a memory card or use the keyboard to access it. However, the Chrome operating system fails to understand common and simple files types making it difficult for users to work. Probably this very basic thing must be available with the OS. The technical team needs to work on this issue and assign some of the common types of files (that users work) to their suitable workings. Secondly, the technicians must provide an interface to enable the file manager correctly deal with such files.

Access to system is not simple
Users are surprised to find that they cannot access all the important items on their Chromebook through the Chrome browser. The operating system is Linux-based and the web browser is its graphic interface for users. A large number of the machine’s controls are accessible through the Wrench tool or the setting controls. However, to be able to get through the system, users have to be aware of the Experiments service and the restricted command lines. This makes it difficult to work on the Samsung Chromebook.

Requires improved documentation
Although, users can do a majority of their work via the Chrome browser, the problem arises when you need to do that extra bit. Moreover, finding the solution is extremely difficult because it is scattered across various media. The lack of documentation that can be easily accessed by users to overcome minor issues is probably the most crucial issue that the Company needs to rectify.