It is 10 million user-count for Google+ and still rolling

Google+ is the latest social network by Google celebrating its success with 10 million users worldwide and many more to join. The news first from the third party estimate earlier in this week which got a sure shot from the Google CEO Larry Page. After the call from second-quarter earnings of the company, Page said that he is fully excited with the outstanding response to their new social networking experience which is good and easy products he was looking for his company to make. All this is due to its amazing features like hangouts and circles that are a perfect ape for the real life interactions by humans. There is a lot more for Google+ to explore and so do the users!

The benchmark of 10 million springs up as a great triumph for the soul team behind the making of this amazing social network. Google rolled in Google+ in the falling time of last month with only handful of users opened to it for sending invites in future. The service is currently running in the trail mode with barriers though the company is looking forward to expand it to the world. These barriers were brought because of the uncontrollable traffic that was drawn to the service which forced the company to have it on trial mode for current basses till it is ready completely and flawlessly. This social network is still not in beta but soon we will get have our hands on it completely.

Page also stated that there are countless activities and several items received and shared by the service every passing day and the count of users is increasing with +1 button. In the earnings call, he also said that the company always tries to come up with a product which is used by the users many times in a day and that offers a healthy social network experience.

According to the data collected by the third party analytics tool,, Page bags the second position in the list of most followed users over this new service just after Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Co-founder of Facebook who has got double the followers than Page. The third party tool is presently tracking around 28,000 profiles and more in the service. Soon we will have Google+ introduced openly to the globe but for now it is still party time for Google!