Italian Antitrust Authority Has Registered Complained Against Apple For Misleading People

Italy government has been reported to register a complaint against Apple for misleading customers about false warranty plans. The tech giant has been fined €900,000 or nearly $1.2 million by the Antitrust Authority of the country. The aforementioned authority has also launched an investigation against the company.

As per its tradition Apple promotes its devices with standard one year warranty and bonus coverage of AppleCare Protection Plan. But the traditional policy of Apple collided over Italy’s Consumer Code. According to Italy’s Consumer Code two years warranty over every device is obligatory. The Antitrust Authority of Italy has claimed that Apple International, Apple Italia and Apple Retail Italia did not succeeded in informing customers that the company had actually offered them two years of free coverage. The authority has mentioned that is the fined €900,000, €400,000 is for the failure of informing people about the extended warranty coverage and the rest of €500,000 is for selling AppleCare.

The tech giant has got three months to upgrade its AppleCare policy and that is why the company is under observance of Italian law and it has to inform customers about their rights as soon as possible. In the referred region Apple had nine retail shops and an online store. It cannot be said how much the company has earned from the action.

In the last quarter the company earned $6.62 billion. At that time the company had $81.6 billion in its bank account. After the complaint the company did not said anything about it but it has 60 days more to appeal against the complaint of the Antitrust Authority.

In recent days various news sources into the tech world has mentioned that Apple is engaged in many unlawful activities around the world. In the first part of December the European Commission filed antitrust proceedings against Apple to find out whether the tech giant and five other eBook publishers were engaged in illegitimate practices.