ITV abandons Windows for Tech Transformation

ITV is the oldest commercial public service TV network in Britain which was launched in 1955 to provide competition to BBC. The TV network, which has been broadcasted by the name Channel 3 over the past 20 years, is set to abandon Windows and move a major section of its staff from PCs to Apple Mac computers. Keeping in view the transformation regarding the latest technology, it will also introduce Google Apps for its business with the intention of boosting collaboration and mobile working among its staff members. This drastic step taken by the company can be explained as a part of its initiative to improve communication, cooperation and creativity among its employees by ready access to latest and user friendly technology.
ITV abandons windows

This up gradation of computers will be dependent on whether the particular staffs require Apple Macs or PCs for the role specified to them and will take place over the next 18 months. With its shift towards Apple Mac computers, ITV can be benefitted by the new Lion chronicle of OS XImage. The broadcast company will pitch for Google Apps software for its 7000 employees. The applications will make full use of Google’s web based communication technology and include Google Mail and calendar which will discard Google Talk and Google Docs for sharing documents. With the view of providing a faster and reliable browser for internet access, Google Chrome will be adopted as the company’s standard browser. ITV will also embrace Google Sites and Google Videos for Business.

ITV Chief Technology Officer Paul Dale gave a statement supporting the technology offered by the giants, Google and Apple. He said the step would renovate the internal system of working within the business. Other companies like Telegraph Media Group and Specsavers have also adopted Google Apps over the past few years.