Latest BlackBerry Releases Show Sparks of Rejuvenation

Research in Motion, the creator of BlackBerry, one of the most preferred and popular phones a few years ago, has had to face the run of the mill owing to irregular development and failure to release better equipped BlackBerry devices with satisfying frequency. The company has experienced a serious drop in sales and a lot of analysts have already dubbed RIM BlackBerry as a dead smart phone. However, things are likely to change for the company as the latest releases show promise. The company has gone on a launch spree of late and has released a number of models, with special offers and low prices. Another special feature of the new phones that have caused an increase in sales is the use of its latest operating system OS 7.

The operating system has given a ray of hope on which, RIM should capitalize and get a hold of the market. Analyst Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee said that the company will have a chance of rebirth if it succeeds in capitalizing on its operating system.  The latest phones released by the company are Bold 9900, Torch 9810, Torch with full touch screen and BlackBerry Curve. While the company has lost a significant share of the market, which Android and Apple have grabbed, along with the bullish Samsung, these devices should pour some life into BlackBerry campaign. The company still has a lot of patrons who religiously use only BlackBerry phones.  However, in order to grow in the corrent competitive market, the company requires more than a normal share of patrons.

As of now, the future of the brand is doubtful, but it is certain hat BlackBerry is not yet a dead smart phone.In the current market, according to experts, RIM has not a chance of removing Apple and Android from their top slot. It can, however, capitalize on the fall of Nokia and try to draw a few customers from this rival. Further, the repercussions of Nokia-Microsoft partnership on the North American market will only be felt next year since the due plans to capitalize on the international market. So, Blackberry will have a substantial time to create a strong foothold in the North American market. According to market researchers, Microsoft and Nokia will first focus on those markets where Nokia already has a strong following before entering the American market where Apple and Android are ruling the roost. Also, RIM is being as the third alternative apart from Apple and Android.