Logitech G400-Long Deserved Successor Of Logitech MX518

Logitech has now finally introduced their veritable successor to their trusty old mouse MX518. In this regard Logitech also claimed it as the best gaming mouse that you can buy just for $40, which is also a go to pointing device for the floks on a budget. They also added that MX518 offers everything that an accomplished gamer requires in order to get this job done including programmable buttons, a cool holographic skin to boot, on-the-fly DPI adjustments as well as a comfortable profile.

This newly announced G400 follows this general formula with the T, but it has been updated with a few new tricks for up its sleeve. Here is not over also the optical sensor has been upgraded here from the 1800DPI to its new upgraded version 3600DPI, that will undoubtedly prove itself by taking a handy first place in twitch oriented games. In general this DPI can also be adjusted at any point on random order with the help of its dedicated hardware buttons; moreover you can also configure the fore individual increments of it according to your choice.

As it is using a latest version of the MX518 sensor, that’s why Logitech also demand that you can expect the same to same tracking consistency just with a less cursor to hand movement of 0.5%, also it can variance up to 140 IPS. The company also stated the report rate of this product that can report 125 to 1000 within a second. If you speak about the USB of this device, then G400 is associated with quite a thinner cable that’s restrictive movement is 25% lesser.

In this regard Logitech has also integrated this same programming button software in it that is generally used by the G13 Advanced Gameboard as well as its G-Series keyboards. G400 also much more be able to access the Logitech Gaming Software on drag and drop interface, macro and scripting capabilities as well as automatic detection of the games. But they have not declared its ability of sharing macros with the G-series keyboards.

This beautiful G400 device is expected to come to the US on 19 the June at an affordable price of $49.99.