Lots Of Fake Apple Stores Uncovered In China

Apple is once again in the breaking news, but not for their iPad or iPhones, not even for the battle of Samsung Galaxy Tab and their iPad issue, but this time the authority of Apple has find out more than 22 fake Apple stores in China.

Taking this report the authority has stated at the China’s Administration for the Industry and Commerce “We have identified near about 22 fake Apple stores in the city of Kunming and we have ordered them to stop using Apple’s logo, because they have not showed us any register trademarks of Apple.”

With the sequence to the fact the market watchdog agency has stated “It will set up a complaint in this case on its hotline and boost monitoring.”

But the authority has not said anything about those products, which they have sold before it, are fake or genuine.

The authority has declared there are lots of fake or unauthorized resellers of Apple and other brands of electronic products taken its place through out the China and they are selling these real products by escaping the proper government taxes.

In July a blog post by an American living journal has stated around 300 shops in Kunming has been band due to this fake issue, though at that time they were demanding they are working for the California-based iPhone and iPad maker.

But, in this case Chinese low is protecting this trademark and prohibits company from the copying of the other companies and stores.

Though, before this many manufacture brand of United States and other Western countries have complained that the electronic makers of China are copying their products all the time.