LulzSec Denied Attack On The Sun Online

Company like Sun Online and other News International Servers generally has become the latest targets for the hackers, though LulzSec has already denied their responsibility. They also declared that the entire coverage of the Sun towards arrest as well as subsequent charging of Ryan Clearly on hacking offering to them to set a target on the News International. The entire Idea was come from the Telegraph report while they were putting forward the idea regarding that LuiSec are the main reasonable for this.

Though, on a social networking channel LulzSec strictly denied that these types of hacking attacks on sun had been simply orchestrating by them.

What they write exactly in tweeter?

In the social networking website Tweeter they tweet “In order to clean up more failed attempts we did not host any kind of cyber attack on the company like the Sun or The Times in anyway including any kind of DDoS attack also, so cheers.”

Later they also expressing their anger on the Tweet and said “Being a real journalist on the Internet, try to provide people the real fact, need not write to meet the evening deadline.”

But they clearly charged with five offends since the 22 June including DDoS attacks on SOCA, the IFPI and the BPI.