Mac OS X Lion review

Next evolution in the Mac OS X is the ‘Lion’ which has been launched two weeks after Steve Jobs declared that we are now living in a post pc world where Mac no longer remains the centre of the digital hub, a statement which can be a bit painful for the faithful Mac users across the globe. The next gen OS has real teeth of that of a lion but it can bite you when you least expect it to. The post PC philosophy is visible from the fact that though the OS works just fine with the keyboard and the mouse, the real features and oomph can only be experienced using touch devices like the Track pad.

Snow Leopard, Lion’s predecessor, which was just a system wide tweak, doesn’t match the volume of the features offered by Lion, neither any other past iterations of the OS. There is a striking similarity between iOS and Lion which will be evident if you use the iPad. Apple’s Back to Mac idea has been implemented and can be seen with the feature of Launchpad. An array of application logos floating with the background image blurred. You can swipe the screen left or right as in the iPad or the iPhone, a useful way to get access to your apps. What can be termed as a killer feature of the OS is the freedom from saving the document while you work upon it.
Mac OS X

The idea being simple, the application itself saves latest versions of your document which you can access in future, like scrolling back in time using the Time Machine. In addition to this, the new Mission Control feature is also very useful. Along with the visual similarity that Lion has with iOS the Back to Mac concept of the company is strongly implemented by the touch gestures it has. A no. of touch gestures has been introduced by Apple which is supported by touch devices like notebook trackpads, mice and stand alone trackpads. Also the no. of commands which are based on the touch have increased to so many from the last iteration of the OS, that it becomes difficulty to remember all of them.

But the performance of the OS is unsatisfactory with Safari testing your patience. Bug incidences are also being reported by many. In spite of all the bugs and glitches, Lion will prove to be a treat for all the Mac users across the globe who recently started feeling neglected.