MAC OS X might cause computer to crash

Apple has released an enormous security update for Mac OS X along with the latest version of its OS. However, several reports, which install the patches, could make computers unbootable.

The Mac OS X Security Update 2011-006 tackles more than 70 weaknesses in core components, also third-party products packaged by default with the OS.

Most of the flaws that has the highest gravity rating assigned to them and will result in arbitrary code implementation through remote attack vectors.

With this update, Apple also participated in the security catch-up with numerous third-party software packages, providing key functionality, such as Apache HTTPD, BIND, PHP, Tomcat, Mailmain, Python, or libpng.

QuickTime, a central application in Apple’s ecosystem, got updated during this release in addressing 11 different vulnerabilities. However, some of them can only influence OS X Snow Leopard.

Regardless of the benefits of the security update, users should carefully consider whether installing it or not. The reason is that according to some reports, the update can result in serious problems.

Apple OSX Security Update makes macbook kernel panic at boot,” alerts security researcher Dragos Ruiu on Twitter.  Later on, he confirmed that users have experienced the same problems, particularly on systems with Lion/Snow dual-boot configurations.

In the meantime, Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Mac OS antivirus provider Sophos, described installation errors for the freshly released iOS 5 mobile OS. He could not prove the Mac OS X boot problems.  However, he told users to delay an update if they suspect that their device might be infected.

Cluley says that he advises people to contact the technical support and ask for some help in resolving the issue.  If you suspect you may be influenced by the issue it may be wise in holding off security update installation until Apple has confirmed if it has fixed it.

Apple’s new Mac OS X Lion v10.7.2 includes a lot of the security patches from Security Update 2011-006, and there are reports that it too causes problems for adopters. Reports like “After updating to Lion 10.7.2 System now hangs on boot” or “Mac forced me to restart after updating to 10.7.2” started appearing on the Apple support.

One user believes that that resetting should do the work.  He advises the other user once that he had resettled his computer then it may solve the issue.  Apple does not have an answer to the request for comment.  Currently, the company remains silent about the issue.