Macbook Air in New Avatar Expected to Arrive this July

Expectations for Macbook Air are high this July

According to most of the industry sources, Apple is all set to bring out its Macbook Air this July. The system will be loaded with the new operating system, Lion. The production volume is huge and the expected sales are 1.5 million units in one quarter. Chris Whitmore, analyst, reported that the sales are expected to be almost fifty percent of the entire Macbook empire. The previous version of Air was not as popular as Macbook. If the new release lives up to expectations of analysts and Apple, then the company stands to beat out every competition.Expected changes in Macbook Air

The new Macbook will naturally have something special in order to overshadow the previous version. One of the most obvious changes is inclusion of Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors. Other inclusions are not confirmed. However, there are rumors about Apple including Thunderbolt port for high-speed connectivity. The new processing system will add many new enhancements and upgrades. Lion, the new operating system packs more than two hundred and fifty features and many of them are new. Whitmore also said that the new operating system would include multi-touch gestures, iCloud and a host of other features and apps.

OS X Lion stands to benefit

The release of Macbook Air will be a huge boost to OS X Lion. All the features of this operating system will be available for download through Apple systems. The senior vice President of worldwide product marketing, Philip Schiller said that Lion would ensure the top slot for the new Macbook. The software will make the system user friendly and provide easy access to working of the computer.

Macbook Air rumors

Ever since the launch of the device has been announced, rumor mills have been working overtime, although most of the gossip seems to hold enough water to be authentic. Taiwan’s Economic Daily has published a news quoting the number of Macbooks in the first shipment to be 380,000 units. Rumors are also on regarding the different features and apps in the new system.

Google Chromebook to face tough competition

Whether coincidentally or not, Google Chromebook and Apple’s Macbook are scheduled for arrival at roughly the same time. While the Chromebook is Google’s flagship and has many features, Macbook also seems to pack a full punch. The competition between the two major releases will be interesting to watch. Needless to say, only the better gadget will emerge the winner.