Maintaining Smooth Server Functionality with Application Updates

server updateThe term application is used to refer to number of files that are usable in processor based environment. If we talk about network environment, it can be best described as environment of various processors, in communication with each other. Process of application updates is carried in 3 steps. First the network file server must be shut down, second, application files are updated and finally, the server must be restarted for changes to take place.

Application updates are must from time to time for any program, in order to improve performance and enhance security features. Software upgrade wizard integrates with any environment or programming language and is being used by developers worldwide to update software.

Software updates can be deployed by simply uploading updated version file or the installer to a web server along with simple text based script file and user starts getting their application updates automatically. Application update provides complete information about new system applications and its significance .There is no risk of installing software update wizard as it can be easily uninstalled and simple to remove by just following few steps.

Generally application updates are an improvement of the software and many of the paid software release updates before they are actually released for general public. Thus it provides total knowledge about new system upgrades and the information related to conflicting issues with other software which otherwise would have taken time to discover and resolve.

automatic updateApplication updates are must but different users perceive it in different ways. Let’s discuss about various complications of software and application updates and find out whether it is necessary to have updates from time to time. The major advantage of time to time application updates is for the reason of security. If some weak spot is discovered in the software where there are chances of hacking or virus, it can be easily patched. The other benefits are bug fix, new features, compatibility and patch the weak spots.

Complications of application updates:

  • If the update is not been thoroughly tested, it can lead to various complications especially if there’s an interaction with software you might have running on your computer.
  • Sometimes application update mechanism occurs at inconvenient times for network administrator
  • Most application updates are schedule for off peak hours which can be inconvenient and stressful for person responsible for network administering.
  • During the period updating takes place, the server and all other applications that reside on the server are inaccessible to network clients.

Now days, there are various software available to monitor server activities and to prevent server from malfunctioning. After fixed interval of time, it checks and ensures that all the functions are working and if due to some reason stops working, it will reset them. Due to any reason, if server slows down and you are left with no option. In such cases, application updates can be of great help in detecting exact reason for system slowdown, with the condition that network engineer assigned for maintaining smooth server functionality should be very experienced and qualified.