Market Shares Of Nikon And Canon Decrease

Camera manufacturing brand Canon and Nikon have found themselves under the loss in market share, because at present in Japan the selling of mirrorless compact system cameras have increased by leaps and bounds.

In this regard a recent survey made by the BCN Inc has stated that the combined market share of Nikon and Canon has fallen down by 35% while other big rival like Sony has increased its share by twofold.

Another issue which has come in front of us is that in the present market many major camera brands such as Panasonic, Ricoh, Olympus, Samsung, Pentax and Sony have already unveiled compact system cameras in the market, but in this case big brand like Nikon and Canon have not joined yet.

But, it is true that at the present time the selling of compact system models in Japan market have increased by 40 %, followed by 5% in the year 2009.

Worldwide Status:

The total sales of compact system models in Global market climbed up to 2.1 million just in 2010 and since this year it has increased 23% more – according to the survey of Macquarie Group Ltd.

Though, in this matter various rumors have already started to climb up, few have said that Canon and Nikon have already started to manufacturing compact system models in order to join the same tread, while another rumor have stated that Nikon has already set to launch their compact system product on September 21st 2011.

Last month another camera manufacturing company Sony announced two mirrors less models under its NEX range such as Sony NEX 7 and Sony APS – C. NEX 7 will come out along with 24.3 megapixel focus.

Last but not in the list the authority of Sony has said “Although the mirror less cameras have become most popular in Japan but they have failed to get the same popularity in US and UK market because no big brand have entered on that market yet.”