Marketing Leaders Must go Hand in Hand with IT Chiefs

According to a report by analyst Forrester, it’s time for the marketing and IT to work in harmony for effective engagement with the potential customers. In order to achieve it, both IT and Marketing teams must get over some insights of the other department on the first place.

Marketing teams feel that IT professionals do not value the role of marketing and consider them hurdles in business while IT people see marketing departments having no clean governing strategy and are hurry with the things. But to reach and satisfy tech savoir-faire customers, they need to work together. iContact Technology adoption has brought a number of changes to marketing area. Social networks are more favorable for fast sharing of information and opinion about the product to and from the customers and long term campaigns for marketing have lot worth due to shrinking product development life cycles. Also the number of people using internet and mobile phones in more and thus serve a better means of information and interaction with the company.
IT chiefs

Forrester said understanding the way in which customers intermingle with the company and amongst themselves over internet could help marketing professionals to gratify the expectations of potential customers better and therefore draw more revenues. Adding to this, Paderni said marketing professionals need IT department to aid them in developing and managing the new platforms of marketing with the business.

More efficacy in customer data flow management like email marketing by iContact is one important way in which both the departments should work efficiently which will help them give more reliable and satisfactory brand to their customers. Popular car maker Ford has made a quick splash on the Google+, new social network by Google, which is a good example for the marketing professionals from other companies to learn from. Smart move!

All this data should be given to the staff and system directly interacting with the customers in order to formulate a constant approach which will heighten the brand allegiance and sales profits in return. Online marketing and email marketing with iContact could becomes a better means of advertising than Television and thus companies are investing more and more in this area. According to the estimates calculated by Forrester, companies of Western Europe are looking forward to invest a great deal in interactive marketing in the current year which accounts to 14 percent of their total advertising budget. Working together is good for their brand!