MI5 Joins the Hunt for Riot Organizers

The government asked for the help of the security service MI5and the electronic interception centre GCHQ to hunt for people involved in the last week’s riot.

The agencies stated above created to hunt the terrorist group al-Qaida, but now the government is summoning them to do another job for them.  This time they are going to track down those people, who have cause panic in the state through the use of technologies such as social messaging, especially BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), in order to mobilize looters.

Authorities have a hard time cracking down the high level of encryption on the BBM system. BBM a pin-protected instant message that only Blackberry users manages to use.

MI5 and GCHQ are going to assist the government in staying ahead from any organization made to disturb the peace.  MI5 assigned with the task of the national Security of the United Kingdom from terrorist threats, weapons of mass destruction, and espionage; the job of the police is taking action on the information given to them by the MI5.

However, the group will have to deal with the statutory rights of any person involve in a criminal case.

Last week, authorities had a hard time accessing the encrypted message, sent by an unknown man.

GCHQ’s computers and listening devices are capable of picking up any audio messages and BBM communications.  MI5 and the police are going to recognize the owner with some help from the Internet service providers, as well as mobile companies.  The agencies are capable of intercepting electronic and phone messages, also can identify the originating address and their destination.  After that, other investigation can take place and other an added efforts in developing intelligence.

Last Monday, when David Cameron gave his speech, the latter has not mentioned of the threatened clampdown on social media.   During the past week in the House of Commons emergency discussion, Cameron takes note of the false trails made on Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger.  The government needs an extra of effort to make sure that the police has all the necessary technological capabilities, they are going to need to hunt down and beat those criminals.  The function assign to the MI5 under the 1989 Security Service Act is that they should support “the activities of police forces … and other law enforcement agencies in the prevention and detection of serious crime”.

MI5 allowed seizing communication when a warrant arrest got issued, which must be signed by the ministers, seeking some from help from the agency GCHQ.