Microsoft Added Internet Sharing And Voicemail Service To Mango Platform

Software giant Microsoft has recently unveiled visual voicemail service as well as internet sharing service via wireless hotspot functionality in order to increase the selling of those handsets, which at this time is running with the help of their Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ platform.

Their new version of Windows Phone operating system has started to be rolled out globally from today – with which this software giant Microsoft has also promised to unveil their all current handsets by the end of this October.

Their these types of service announcement have not only overlapped all of their previously announced features, but on the other hand also increases the expectation to get more surprising thing from them.

Number of device support:

By depending on the supported hardware manufactures as well as the local network of any place Windows Phone 7.5 will offer its internet sharing service up to five devices.

Though, this said functionality has already been available in the iPhone as well as the most new version of Android phones, but the matter of jock is that this functionality is only available in all the newer handsets of Windows Phone 7.5. It is sorry to say that this functionality is not available for the existing devices, which has recently updated to Windows Phone 7.5.

Moreover, this new kind of service will also provide visual voicemail functionality, but it will depend on the permissions from the network carrier as well as the capabilities of your handset at the time of performing its action.

Whatever it will provide, but aside from that it is true that customer of it will get a better experience at the time of accessing this new platform.