Microsoft and Google go public with arguments over patents

World renowned tech companies Microsoft and Google are acting similar to a couple of dispute starlets in a public online spat. For sure, this is neither the first time that Microsoft and Google had arguments nor it is likely to be the last time. Twitter and blogspots are making the dispute public which was otherwise not possible in 2005 when the grievances over an employee Google hired from Microsoft made the rivalry between two a hot topic among the folks.

Google has accused Microsoft and Apple of launching a hostile organized campaign against its Android OS which runs smartphones and is a tough competitor of iPhones, Blackberry’s and also Windows based mobile devices. There are thousands of patents at the issue from Novell Inc. which is a computer-networking software maker and Nortel Networks which is a maker of Canadian telecom gear that is bankrupt and is selling its business in parts. Recently a group including Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation and research In motion Limited triumphed over Google Inc. with $4.5 billion cash bid for Nortel patents.
Microsoft Google

Google lost after a bidding process which as per the reports published was an offer of billion times the pi (a mathematical constant).  Technology analyst Rob Enderle said that their reply looks like whine about the process. According to a blog spot by Google chief Legal Officer David Drummond, Microsoft was banding with other to make fake patents so that Google doesn’t get to them. Drummond also wrote that their effort is to make it hard for manufacturers to sell Android devices and that they are fighting through litigation instead of giving actual competition by building new devices or features.

Frank Shaw, Microsoft’s communications chief posted an image of an email from Kent Walker, Google’s general counsel which was a refusal to join Microsoft to bid for the patents. Smith tweet that Google said no to bid jointly and now claims Microsoft to have bought Novell patents to keep them from Google. Enderle clearly says that this is mo hidden fact that Microsoft and Google do not like each other. After so many arguments including the 2005 incident, the patent dispute lacked obscenities in public at least. But when the things are becoming more public, Google should grow up and for that it should also get through the whining phase, said Enderle. He added, Google itself denied participating and now it is saying the process is unfair.