Microsoft And Samsung Tied Up Over Android Devices

Microsoft has tied up with Samsung yesterday in a licencing agreement over its selected mobile patents on Androids phones and tablets. The agreement is associated with a line of agreements with other manufacturing companies. These agreements assure that the selling of every android device will require a certain payable fee. Goldman Sachs’s tech analyst team said that the profit of Microsoft from this agreement will around $ 444 million per year.

Microsoft will make $ 3 – $ 6 from every android phone and Goldman assumed the multi million figures according to the statistical analysis of the total number of Android phones that is expected to be sold during the Microsoft’s licensees period, starting from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012.

The companies that became the latest licensee yesterday are HTC, Acer, U.S. defense contractor General Dynamics Itronix, Onkyo, Velocity Micro, ViewSonic, Wistron and Samsung.

Microsoft has asserted that it owes possesses patent over several technologies used by Android. The truth of the claim seems to be true when two of the largest Android device makers agreed to pay royalties to Microsoft. However the utterly seemed huge profit is just a drop in Microsoft’s yearly revenue that is nearly $ 75 billion for fiscal 2012.

There is a possibility of freezing the taking on process of the platform due to the legal complexity and additional costing.

Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith and IP lawyer Horacio Gutierrez mentioned in a blog post that together with the two agreement, one with HTC that was signed last year and another with Samsung indicates that two first class Android handset manufacturers in the United State are now under the agreement with Microsoft.HTC and Samsung sold more than half of the total sold Android phones in United States in the last year. So, at present Motorola Mobility is the only major Android phone manufacturing company in US that has not yet signed any agreement with Microsoft.