Microsoft Azure as a Service for Big Data

New software programs

The Company unveiled new software tools that allow researchers to utilize Azure cloud platform as an analyzing tool for huge amount of information. The project named as Daytona provides tools to the researchers for data crunching. Microsoft is borrowing some of the technical applications from its rival Google to help fix the tools. The new program was unveiled at the Company’s Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, Washington. The service was developed by Microsoft’s Cloud Research Engagement Program that focuses on discovering new apps for the cloud platform.

Daytona provides flexibility

The project Daytona provides the researchers a larger number of options to use the cloud platforms without limiting the use to a single machine. Moreover, users do not need to have intensive knowledge on using the cloud programming, which provides flexibility to the researchers during their research.

The working of the tools

Daytona utilizes a run time version of Google’s MapReduce program (which is an open license application). The programming model is adapted to process large information packets while sorting and analyzing the data. The Daytona tools enable the users to deploy MapReduce on to virtual machines that run on Windows OS. The information is further subdivided in to smaller packets that assists and simplifies the analyzing process. The information is then recombined to the larger set for providing the required results.

Suitable for various industrial applications

The new programming tools are appropriate to use in various industries, such as healthcare, education, environmental sciences, and other sectors that require processing and analyzing huge databases of information. Using the programming tools, users are able to upload pre-defined research algorithms to the Company’s Azure cloud platforms. These are then run across a high distribution network using powerful computers to do the required processing and data crunching.

Powerful data tools are necessary

The development of powerful programs that are able to handle analysis, processing, and storing of huge information is become very important. The demand for these tools is driven by the enterprises that require analyzing the large information that is made available to their companies through various sources, such as mobile phones, and smart security systems. Microsoft views its Azure cloud platform as an ideal solution that will enable users to host huge amounts of information. The architecture of Daytona will reduce the information in smaller packets that can be analyzed parallel while simultaneously simplify the data crunching for its users.