Microsoft Band Its Support For Windows Vista SP1

As pre prepared schedule the computer giant Microsoft stops its support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 from today, which also indicates that in future Windows Vista SP1 will not get any kind of technical support or security updates. Though, before taking this step this computer giant has already informed their client to upgrade their SP1 to SP2 or move to Windows 7 altogether.

Windows Vista first came in the market on January 1, 2007. Eventually its first updated version SP1 launched in the market on February 4, 2008 and SP2 launched on April 29, 2009. So, it is expected that this computer giant will pull of its support for SP2 after 24 months of SP3 will release (Though, Microsoft have not declared anything about this version). So, it may be the end of the Windows Vista’s support life cycle.

In general, for most of the software Microsoft always provides Mainstream Support, which begins with an Extended Support and Ended with a Self-Help Online Support. Though, as the company declared that they already scheduled to end this support on April 10, 2012, while their Extended Support will end five years after from that date, on April 11, 2017.

One thing is pretty interesting in this case that there is no Extended Support for Windows Vista Home Basic N, Home Basic and Home Premium version. As a result, this version will not get any kind of support from the company after the date of April 10, 2012. Other point of view, the company gives its Business, Business N, and Enterprise edition clients five years for changing their versions.

Though, Microsoft have not yet confirmed anything for releasing a third service pack for Windows Vista, so at the present point of view it can be clearly stated that business users will get less than five years from now for changing.