Microsoft Demands To Reduce Memory Usages With Windows 8

There will be hardly any person, who is not aware of the new gift of Microsoft to the tech world and the users, the Windows 8. There is no doubt that Windows 8 will offer many more features than Windows 7 had formerly presented to us. While discussing on that topic, the Microsoft officials have also assured the users of that, that there is a boost up in the features more than expectation.

The pertinent question arises here – Will every machine be able to run windows 8? It has been assured at the company’s side that all the computers that have the systems to run Windows 7 can also run Windows 8.

Windows 8’s head designer Steven Sinofsky has informed that among all the advancements that has been made in Windows 8, the most important one is that there has been made a cut out in the Runtime Memory Necessities Of Core System. He has also said that the advancement has been made very thoughtfully, keeping in mind the requirements of users to run number of applications at the same time especially while using computers, supporting only 1 or 2 GB memory.

The performance manager of windows Bill Karagounis said that more Ram Memory in a system is equal to less battery life of the system. Before the concept introduced by windows 8, increasing RAM memory was a demand in public to run more and more apps at the same time. But this eventually burns the battery life of the systems. But now with Windows 8, people don’t need to search for machines that offer large RAM memory. Now only 1 or 2 GB RAM memory is enough and all the demands of running number of apps at the same time till now will be fulfilled easily.

It has been announced at the company’s side that they have taken 5 initial steps to reduce memory usage, such as, Combining And Concentrating Memory To The Prior Needs, Spending Less Memory In General Operation etc.