Microsoft @ E3- Provide New Halo Trilogy, UFC Partnership, Many More

Today Microsoft has announced their new Xbox 360 features during its 2011 E3 keynotes which are including a bevy kinect friendly title as well as additional video streaming services. Near about a dozen of upcoming games have now been confirmed to give support for Microsoft’s motion sensor, not in the list of which are the four Electronic Arts franchises including Tiger Woods, FIFA, Madden, The Sims, Mass Effect 3, Kinect Sports Season Two, Dance Central 2, Adventures, all the Tom Clancy games, Ghost Recon and Future Soldier.

In the midst of the announcing about the future Knicts titles the company has also unveiled several new projects, tats why Xbox 360 gamers are now will quite be able to experience Minecraft from this winter and Crytek’s long rumored exclusive for Xbox 360, which is firmly known as “Codename: Kingdoms”, this has been announced as “Ryse”, an action advanture games of a first-person set in Ancient Rome. Also Fable, a new entry in the list, which takes place after the age of the Heros, also this has now been confirmed to support the Kinect game play.

In spite of that Microsoft has also a big plan for its Halo Franchise by launching its new anniversary edition on November 15. So in addition for having the campaign of it spruced up along with the Halo Reach engine with the help of which the game will be featured by six revamped multiplayer maps from Halo and Halo 2.  So the players will quite be able to experience motion graphics from that foreshadow new mysterious in the story of Halo 4, which may be released in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Aside from the new games Microsoft also revealed some additional dashboard features including Bing Voice Search. Though with its help you will not be able to browse the internet but it will make you comfortable to shift Xbox Live content which includes the third party services such as Hulu, ESPN and Netflix. Here is not over, the Xbox 360 will also be able to receive native YouTube Support along with live television streaming in the uses that includes news, sports and local channels.  So A UFC specific partnership is now includes classics fights, live matches as well as interviews.