Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard For Just $20

Microsoft has now unveiled their new Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000, it can be say that this is the company’s latest edition of the keyboard by which company offers a superior comfort and an ergonomist approved contour shape. As the Microsoft inform this brand new model will appear in the market in August and also you can buy this product from Office Depot, Amazon as well as Also they told “This version of keyboard requires either Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 7.”  They also set it price at just $20.

In case of creating the keyboard Microsoft also says “In case of making this first we have a question in mind that how can we provide better comfort as well as posture for those people who prefer working with a straight keyboard. This version of keyboard is only for those who always prefer a better comfort in spite of liking split keyboard.” Also the peripheral feature of Curve Keyboard 3000 contains a contour key-bed, glossy design and an ultra slim feature; additionally it provides a familiar key size as well as placement in the matter of saving space of the users as well as dedicated media keys for quickly access videos music and so on.

As this Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 build on the original Comfort Curve, so this new key layout design must be a better option for the straight keyboard users which has been developed in two fundamental ways. First the curves has been specially modified to be much more organic and the second is, the QWERTY keys in it are uniformly size is a manner which is as much as similar to a standard type keyboard. Microsoft also declared that it has taken more than three years to be designed and built.