Microsoft is going to be even better and bigger with cloud technology

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO motivated the partners of company to build services and softwares for web using software’s giant’s tech. In Microsoft’s Annual Worldwide partner Conference, Ballmer encouraged partners to move with the company to cloud delivered technology. Microsoft Office 365 is available in beta form since October 2010 and is the company’s important software as a service push to date.

Since Microsoft announced its cloud version of Office productivity suite which is the general availability of Office 365. Since Microsoft is largely associated with its huge partner’s network, this advanced technology is one of the most important factors for the company to give competition to its web-generation rivals like Google, VMware and Microsoft’s partners have always been the protection against rivals which has made the company so fearsome. This strong partner ecosystem gives a very valuable platform to the company. Thus Microsoft approximates that this partner ecosystem generated $580 previous year.
Cloud Technology

In the conference of 15,000 attendees at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Ballmer said in his speech, The cloud is a place where things are at move and that the company wants everyone to come along with them. Also he added that we need to continue to remap and retrain ourselves. With the increasing pressure on Windows PC platform, Microsoft is working hard to address this need with new generation development tools. And according to Ballmer, it is also encouraging partners to make new web-based services which use benefits of company’s web-centric platform.

Microsoft has a good experience in operating cloud services and this service is about the power of choice. Microsoft is well aware of business productivity and is working to bring newer advanced methods to stand ahead of its competitors in line. Microsoft has got management tools as well as applications and with cloud technology it is going to become even better and larger. The company promised transparency to the partners interested in pursuing Azure cloud opportunities. This is favorable for those attendees of the conference who wanted updates on Azure plans well on time.

It is quite clear that the company wanted its partners to have faith that their customers too want cloud deployment and the company now has enough goods to meet their demands. The technology change and innovation in view of services is big. Now technology cloud has expanded in order to include the entire new range of business services.