Microsoft’s Kinect in Use for Faster and Smooth Operations

By far now we have only seen Kinect controller in use with Xbox 360 for motion sensing offering great entertainment and real time gaming experience but using such a device for something that can cost you your life is beyond imaginations. In the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto, doctors do use Kinect tool during intricate operations for assistance. Actually there are many cases in which the surgeons have to rely over the detailed CT scans during the surgical procedures to decide their next move. And the environment inside the operation theatre or ICU needs to be sterile in order to avoid hospital infection. So each time surgeons used the computer and the other equipments, they need to be sterilized for the next one.

The Kinect technology has really helped them out in solving this problem. Now the doctors can easily observe and study the CT scans directly from the operation theater without touching the equipments and so there is no need to sterile them again and again. It is a great deal a gaming tool can do! It is also a reliable source of getting the detailed information of the scans of the patient without putting one’s hand on the mouse. Dr. Calvin Law who is a cancer surgeon at the hospital states that they are happy to have such a technology as a part of their work team in the surgery room.
Microsoft Kinect

There are times when Kinect controller of Microsoft has been used as a medical setting and offers great advantages to the patients with its great capabilities. With so much ease and benefits add to the medical world, this project has got a bright future and we are here waiting to witness what else this little accessory has unfolded in it.