Microsoft Planning To Open 75 New Retail Stores Within 3 Years

There should not be any doubt regarding Apple’s retail success. This company opened its first store at Tysons Corner in Virginia, though this figure has now already reached 327 worldwide. The main intention behind opening this is to showcase and sell its product in front of millions of customer worldwide in order to draw their attraction on their product. The company also declared that only in the year of 2010 the sale of the company was near about $10 billion, which covered the company’s revenue by 13 percent during this period. But they did not clear anything about their key brand and customer service driver.

With the sequence to the success of Apple now Microsoft is structuring themselves on the same pattern. Microsoft opened its first retail store in the year 2009 and they now have only 11 running stores within the U.S. That is too much teeny, with the comparison of Apple’s 327 stores. Though, the company said “If we want to think about the customer, first we have to think like customers.” The computer giant Microsoft has claimed that they will open 75 more stores over the next two to three years.

But the company did not give any specific location for these stores, but the other sources are stating that they may open their store in the California, Florida and in northeastern U.S.

With the sequence to the fact Kevin Turner, Chief Operating Officer, stated “Microsoft is now trying to open many stores outside the country also.”  But within his speech he had not mentioned any specific time frame for it.

In this case, if you live in a major city of U.S then chances will be doubled for opening Microsoft Retail Store near your door with in the next couple of years.