Microsoft Sent Congratulatory Cake to Mozilla for Firefox5 Release

Software giant Microsoft is once again in the highlight, not for the software or Operating System, but for the sending of a congratulatory cake to the team of Mozilla for releasing of its Firefox 5 browser. This is the 4th cake which this software giant has sent to Mozilla, so it has now become a tradition that is celebrated upon every major version releases of this open source browser company.

But it is not really a big deal, also it’s proves nothing that the cake which Microsoft sent to Mozilla this time is noticeably smaller one, while the company Mozilla has announced that it will release its four major versions this existing year.

This tradition was begun in October 2006 while the development team of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 has sent a cake to Mozilla for this successful shipping Firefox 2. This was nothing but the beginning of the browser wars at that time, though many had jacked about the cake contained poisoned, while the others teasingly suggested that Mozilla sent a cake back along with the recipe, which internal meaning is that the organization Mozilla produces open source software.  The IE 8 development team also sent another cake on June 17, 2008 while Firefox 3 was launched. The last cake was sent in March 2011 after the launching of Firefox 4.

The Open Source Company Mozilla has now also planning on shipping Firefox 6.0 and Firefox 7.0 before the end of this year, and in reference to the fact it can say that Firefox 6 will release on August 2011. This non-profit organization has also promised for pushing out a brand new version in the interval of every 6 weeks, so there somewhere some possibility of seeing Firefox 8.0 and Firefox 9.0 before the year is out.