Microsoft Unveils Flash On Notice For Plug – in Free Metro IE 10

Software giant Microsoft is now distancing itself from the technology which itself claims that Internet Explorer Metro Version 10 for Windows 8 will be a plug in free experience for its users. But you need not to be any worried in this case, because in this latest Flash version you will still be able to review Flash as well as other plug – in content in Windows 8, but in order to watch them you will need to switch to the classic Windows desktop option.

With the sequence to the fact Dean Hachamovtich, the leader of Microsoft’s IE team, has stated on a blog post “In order to move forward and to provide our consumers most out of touch first browsing we have to made the Metro style HTML5-only browser in Windows 8 as much plug-in free as possible.”

Later has also added “The main fact is – in the modern HTML 5 web, Metro style browsing has not yet left any mark in the field of plug ins.”

Hachamovitch has also said “Internet Explorer 10 without the help of any plug-in use, in general improves security, reliability, privacy as well as battery live.”

On that sense his thinking is too much similar with Steve Jobs open letter at the field of criticizing Flash, where Steve Jobs said that the mobile era was nothing but invention of low power devices, open web standards as well as touch interfaces.

Software giant Microsoft has made this decision after being examined more than 97,000 websites, though within that 62% was flash websites. There they have found that more of the websites always needs it to display adds as well as a large number of them fall back well to HTML5 if flash player is not installed there. One of the greatest video searching giant YouTube is the greatest example of that.

More details will be added soon.