Microsoft Unveils Ribbon UI For Its Windows 8 File Manager Tool

Last day software giant Microsoft has declared a few more changes on its upcoming operating system Windows 8. In this matter at the Building Windows 8 blog, Alex Simons, Microsoft Director of Program Management, has said “Our Company has now decided to bring the ‘ribbon‘ UI to its ubiquitous file manager tool for providing easy access to its hundreds of features as well as highlighting a few hidden gems – in short for building a strong and most powerful file manager.”
With the sequence to the fact Simons has also stated “Our decision is entirely based on an opt-in data, which has been shown by hundreds of our Windows users.”
Simons has stated “Apart from using 200 commands 80- 90 percent of those Explorer users only uses 10 commands which are specially featured for the Windows 7 and Windows Vista command bar.”
Just after finished that he has stated “Our Company in general wants to fix this inefficiencies in our next generation Windows i.e. Windows 8, due to that our company is now unveiling a new look for its windows users in order to meet opposition, hope this redesign will show its benefit.”

In this occasion he has also promised that his company has decided to bring keyboard shortcuts for each and every command in the ribbon, additionally his company Microsoft has decided to customize UI along with the quick access toolbar.
Whatever it is, but their main aim behind it is to save screen on real estate when needed – which their other ribbons have done yet.