Microsoft Upcoming Plan for building Xbox Live With Windows 8

This week, The Seattle Times has taken an interview of the Mike Delman, the vice president of global marketing in the interactive entertainment unit of business of Microsoft. In this discussion they encompassed various areas of the software giant dabbles, also at one point he means Delman revealed that they are now planned to built the next version of Xbox Live service with their desktop’s operating system Windows 8.

He also told that Microsoft has already brought Xbox Live integration in to their windows phone, which is a new mobile OS, aside from that it also makes some sense that there should be some similarities if it is not deeper is Windows 8 as well. But in spite of that Delman didn’t gave much more details of that, which is more interesting.

In this regard he also described that Microsoft is now hopping for pushing their brand new Windows 8 into the laptops, desktops, tablets as well as other PC form factors, which can be the huge exposure for the Xbox Live. But it will be an early step to jugge the proper impact of this integration without knowing exactly how it will actually work. But the company of Microsoft must have to make sure that the developers can easily take the advantages of this service on their PCs.

Though Microsoft has announced earlier part of this year that Windows 8 will supports AMD, Intel and ARM architectures. Additionally in this purpose the company already reviewed on the earlier in this existing month. But it is expected that this Windows 8 Operating System will arrive on the market on January7, 2013.