Microsoft Will Reveal Windows 8 Tablet Next Week

Few sources have recently informed that software giant Microsoft could be gearing up for revealing its brand new Windows 8 tablets at its build conference next week. The sources have also stated that in this regard they may be partnered with the Samsung hardware manufacture.

Which on the other point of view indicates while the conference will kick off on 13 September, then we will quite be able to find Windows 8 tablet – which will be a reality then.

The entire message has spread out in this market by holding the hand with Korea Economic Daily, which industry sources has claimed “This brand new Windows 8 tablet somehow will be the first collaboration of Microsoft operating system with the Samsung hardware device.”

Short Look Of This Rumor:

On the other hand Reuters report has stated that Sinofsky will do the first onstage demo of Windows 8, but the matter of fact is the slates will not going to make it for at least next twelve months.

In general this software manufacturing company specially designed this Windows 8 operating system for running on desktops and laptops devices, which they actually want to represent as a successor of previous version of Windows 7, but many rumors has stated that they will unveil this brand new operating system at the early of 2012.

Tablet manufacturing company has already got its success at each and every steps – additionally the selling of its Android tablets are also increased widely, but few days earlier legal clashes with another tablet manufactures Apple have hampering its sells a little bit. Though the company at present trying to overcome from this situation.

Whatever it is, but here is not doubt that Samsung is wanting to compete with Apple iPad by changing the verities of Operating System that it can.