Middle East Gets The Latest BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smart Phone

Customers of the Middle East will now have access to BlackBerry Bold 9900. Oman, one of the major countries in the Middle East will now have BlackBerry Bold 9900 through their phone provider, Nawras. As BlackBerry is now on a spree to increase the sale of its devices, the company is giving away the phone at RO 269, in addition to offering free BlackBerry car kit for the first two hundred and fifty buyers. In Oman, Nawras stores are present in City Center Qurum, LuLu Ghubra and Athaiba.  When compared to the lack lustrous performance of most of the other recent BlackBerry gadgets, the latest set of phones have received a good response, largely thanks to the new operating system of RIM, OS 7. Experts have also iterated that the new launches have breathed life into the dying BlackBerry smart phones. 

Nawras stores in Oman are also offering the facility to test the phones before purchase. The three stores have been stocked up with BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry Bold 9900 provides QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry was one of the first companies to launch a phone with a full keyboard. In addition, the screen is a high resolution touch category. The screen is also one of the best features of the phone. Being powered by OS 7, the phones have satisfied the requirements of a lot of customers. While still not in the league of Android and iOS, OS 7 is at par with many other mobile operating systems such as WebOS and Miscrosoft’s Windows 7. BlackBerry OS 7 comes with Liquid Graphics, Universal Search that is voice activated, a very efficient BlackBerry browser, NFC and a range of other apps.

The phone comes with a dual band Wi-Fi, accelerometer, proximity sensor, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, digital compass and a 1.2 GHZ super speed processor. The inbuilt memory is 8GB and the phone comes with an extendable memory of 40GB. The phone also has a 5 mega pixel camera along with inbuilt GPS and a number of other useful features. In addition to Oman, Research in Motion has targeted the South African market for the sale of its BlackBerry PlayBook. Vodacom will the provider who will sell these tablets in South Africa. After a long siesta, the popularity of BlackBerry has definitely seen a surge with the launch of the new phones. If RIM can capitalize on the present rush, it can get hold of some percentage of its customer base that it ended up losing due to continuous launch of poor performance phones.