Mobile Health Summit 2011:- Cape Town

Distributing healthcare services through mobile platforms

With the number of mobile subscribers reaching the 5 billion mark, healthcare providers see it as an opportunity to develop healthcare facilities in hard-to-reach areas. This weeks Mobile Health Summit in Cape Town, South Africa appears a promising affair in the field ‘m-health’ Technology. The implausible development of mobile communications has built an option to transform health care industry. Presented to you by luminaries in the global health and mobile industries, the inaugural GSMA-mHA Mobile Health Summit aims to bring together great leaders from both the ecosystems.


The events conference, exhibition and networking aim to promote the collaboration needed between the two giant industries to realize the great potentials of mobile health care. The step will also offer business improvement chances for executives from over the healthcare and mobile industries. The summit jointly developed by the health alliance and the GSMA, includes visionary presentations and speeches from leaders across the mobile ecosystem. The exhibition and conference will be presented on June7-8, with lot of additional conventions taking position on 6th and 9th June.

The key speakers include:

  • Christian De Faria, Senior Vice-president of Commercial and Innovation, MTN Group
  • Prof. Krishnan Ganpathy, President, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation
  • Pramod Gaur, Vice-President Telehealth, United Health Group
  • Lyse Brillouet, Head of Strategy and Marketing, Orange Healthcare
  • Paul Ellingstad, Director, Global Health HP

Conference Preview

On Monday, June 6 2011 the co-organizer Continua Health Alliance and the event partner iheed, the Irish-bases non profitable organization dedicated to supporting invention in health study, organized ‘mHealth’ focused conventions.  The 2011 conference programme includes several sessions on searing  industry topics like ‘Delivering an mHealth Ecosystem’ ,’Health in a connected World’ and ‘Privacy and Security of  ’mHealth’.

The Ulterior Motive

The GSMA will utilize its main role in the mobile business to an exceptional opportunity for exhibitors and delegates from both industries to share experiences and interact in a favorable setting. The event will act a magnet for stakeholders including health care providers, research centers, insurance groups, mobile operators The GSMA Mobile Health Summit conferences will showcase industry policymakers, who will address difficult hindrances and aid to create best practices for this new emerging market. By bringing in concert players from both the ecosystems, we can come to an agreement that will lead to wide approval and usage of mobile healthcare.