MoD Steps Towards YouTube For Streaming Social Networking Leaks

The Ministry of Defense Or MoD has already published a group of videos on YouTube in order to warn about the dangers for loosing social networking lips. Aimed at the military personnel as well as their family and friends these videos warn that anyone may take the advantages of their status updates including the enemy also.

So by harking back to the wartime propaganda warning Brits also declared that this careless talk costs for the lives which is the 21 century versions that warns this careless status, tweaks as well as Four Square check-ins are also quite be able to prove equally dangerous.

Loosing Lips Sink Ships:

This new video tutorial will teach you about how to use this social media safely, additionally these are quite be able to teach you where to put your location information and where not. Though it’s entirely depend on your realizing.

MoD also stated in their website “It can even much more simple to collate information from the Varity of resources in order to build up a picture about who the person is, additionally it even might only take a careless comment or posting a picture without justifying what the exact background is for putting your friend as well as your colleagues at a risk.”

So whenever you think, for sharing those, then before your share is not quite as catchy as 40s slogans. So MoD still hope that this new kind of YouTube video message will quite be able to curb the social networking leaks, which has been known to be happened.