More Cyber-Attacks On Apple And Android

Cyber-attack now on smartphones

The most common target for the cyber-attacks was computer till now, but now these attackers are targeting the smartphone, that is Google’s Android and Apple’s OS. These attacks have compelled the Google and Apple to do something to stop these attacks. According to John Pironti, who is an advisor at ISACA, “when the new products are invented they always fabricate security issues and now the same is for Android”.Most recent attack

There was an attack last week, after which Google found out 25 corrupted applications on the Google’s Android App market, But the Google was not too quick. Before Google could remove these corrupted apps more than 125,000 android users downloaded the application, these figures are according to Kevin Mahaffey, who is working as a chief technical officer at Lookout Mobile Security. Mikko Hypponen, a researcher at the Antivirus enterprise F-Secure in Finland says that, He himself has come across many cases targeting the smartphones in the past year.

How this attack would harm users?

On all the smartphone who have downloaded these apps, when the people will receive any call on their phone, then with help of these corrupted apps the attackers will be able to connect to a remote server and download malicious programs on the phone.

Which is more secured Android or Apple?

If we have look at the Apple, their App stores are very less attacked by hackers and this shows that the Apple is more secure than the Android. Actually it is very easy to post an app in Google’s android market and Google mainly relies on the user reviews on the apps security issue. Google’ market is open to all and less secured as said by a researcher at Kaspersky Lab. Google removes the app when there are lots of complaints but till then the app must have reached to many phone. If you compare this with Apple, it keeps complete control over its market, though it had some corrupt applications but they were pulled out also, which Google rarely do. But Pironti say that, it’s just a matter of time that Androids are more targeted, to which Apple declines.

Suggestions for Google’s Android market

Google should take some steps or put some efforts to alter its difficult, complex and extensive process to clear out this security issues for the Android apps market.