More Speculations on the Release Date of iPhone 5

Even as speculations on the release of iPhone 5 seems to gear up faster and with more aggression, news has been released that pre-orders for iPhone 5 will be available from the 29th or 30th of September. The reasons for the delay of the phone, although guesses, have been attributed to technical snag in the design, over heating of the processor, poor battery life and provision of better software and more advanced features in the next generation phone. Thousands of articles are doing rounds on the internet regarding the release date of the phone.

While it was first speculated that the phone would be released in June, the date was later postponed to September and finally to October. However, the present news, which is based on a revelation by Apple insider, seems to be trustworthy. The report also says that the sale of iPhone 5 will begin in October. The launch date will probably be set in the second week of October. The precise date is unknown although October 7th is the expected date.  This release was collaborated by John Paczkowski of All Things D. He said that iPhone 5 is most likely to be an October release. However, he did not disclose the source of information but said that the information was from insiders and trustworthy sources. Another factor that is pushing this date is the likely release of iOS 5. Both the new releases by Apple will probably be at the same time.

Despite keeping customers hanging for the new phone, Apple has topped the list of most sold smart phones, closely followed by Samsung. This is was the first time in years that a company replaced Nokia from the top position. Apple sold over 20 million smart phones in the second quarter alone. The new version is expected to be better than all its predecessors. It is supposed to be equipped with new split camera and an upgraded operating system. While the entire United States and the rest of the world are eagerly waiting the release of this much awaited phone, financial experts say that from profitability point of view, Apple should wait until next year to release the phone. This is one of fresh reasons that has come to light and can very well be the reason for the continuous procrastination. However, other economic experts opine that waiting until the next year can make Apple lose out the holiday season sale.