Motorola Atrix Smartphone – Not As Powerful ?

A new source of the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has stated that the company Motorola can not claim its own Atrix cell phone as world’s most powerful smartphone.

Not only that in this matter ASA have collected a bulk amount of evidence those are pointing out that at present Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 is associating with more powerful processor than Motorola Atrix – so how can it be powerful? The advertising company claimed.

Though, in this matter Motorola has already started to justify this claim and they have stated “While we used this dual core 1GHz processor along with 1GB RAM then it was react as a more powerful ecosystem than others.”

But the main matter of fact is Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 associating with a dual core 1.2 GHz processor.

ASA has also mentioned in their ruling “The authority of Motorola have stated that though Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 has built up with more faster processor than them but it does not mean that it has created more eco friendly system than the Atrix.”

So, in a sentence Motorola will not ever claim that their Atrix is using more faster processor, but apart from that in terms of combined features, performance and capability they can claim that it has become more powerful product than all.

But this Advertising Standards Authority has said “We believe that this claim will puzzle the customers who in general are looking at the technical specification in order to buy the most powerful smartphone.”

Last but not in the list ASA has stated “We are requesting the entire customers to look at each and every technical specification very carefully before making any further decision.”