Motorola Droid Bionic To Be Released On September 8

After almost eight months of making the announcement, Motorola is releasing the Droid Bionic mart phone on the 8th of September, which is this Thursday. Photographs and videos of the device are available on the internet. As per the pictures and videos released, this new Motorola device definitely seems to be powerful. However, it sports a display of qHD 960×540, which is not the best high definition screen but good enough for high image clarity. Most of the smart devices these days have a better and higher screen resolution. However, many are of the opinion that the device does not match up to the efficiency and power of the Quadrant. Droid Bionic shared the processor with the QWERTY version, which is called Droid 3. This predecessor of Bionic has been widely appreciated by consumers for powerful features and high usability factor. The battery life of Motorola devices are also known to be longer than the other competitors, especially Apple.

With the impending release of the device on the 8th of this month, consumers will definitely want to experience what new features this device will sport over the previous one. The Android operating system, which is the most preferred all over the world and has been consistently registering the highest monthly growth percentage for most of the past year, is another added benefit that the device is infused with.

Droid Bionic also shares its GPU with that of Samsung Galaxy S. Despite not being a Quadrant, this device can as well have a good following. When compared to some of the other releases such as Nexus One, this device is definitely a winner in every sense. Droid Bionic has a dual core processor that adds to its powerful performance. However, speculations aside, the real functioning and performance ability of the device will only be known after it is released in the market and experienced by the large community that has been looking forward to it since the beginning of the year.

Motorola has not been on par with the other smart phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. However, the use of Android operating system has brought in a significant customer base for the device. Of late, Google took over the company in a stunning business deal that shocked the world. What plans Google has of Motorola, now that it has a mobile manufacturer is yet to be seen. There have also been a number of speculations about the future of Android and whether other manufacturers will be able to use the software in the future.