Motorola’s Next Plan – Join Facebook Phone Race

Mobile phone manufacturing company Motorola is now planning for joining in the race of Facebook cell phone world – according to a new source report.

The report has also stated that by following this tradition this mobile manufacturing company will bring more handset in this world.

The entire matter has come into the entire limelight while a picture of Motorola EX225 has published on of the well known Bluetooth accreditation website Bluetooth SIG, which has shown that this brand new upcoming product Motorola EX225 is associated with a little blue Facebook key in the corner position.

But this picture has not shown any Android buttons anywhere, that’s why it can be assumed that it may come in the market with their own OS power or it may also happen that Motorola is now trying to develop its android key – so this time it is in huge confusion.

More about this handset:

But this time Motorola’s this upcoming handset is looking too much similar like Vodafone 555 Blue model, which is not made with the Android, though the matter of fact is its integrated Facebook key – which on the other hand is indicating that this phone must come out with some advanced features like photo uploading and music sharing etc.

With the sequence to the fact Hyper-rad has stated “This phone is associating with a 2.4 inch wider screen, which describes that through it people will quiet be able to touch with world anytime from anywhere.”

But many rumors are showing that this phone may come with non Facebook version, so this puzzle can only be solved while this phone exactly launched into the market.

Whatever the rumors as well as the facts are, aside from that it is true that this phone has passed by the Bluetooth SIG, that’s why we can expect that this phone will launch before Christmas and I believe it must come along with a cheaper price range also.