Mozilla Firefox Version 5 Has Released Officially

Though Firefox 5 was released earlier in this weekend but now Mozilla has officially released its new Firefox version 5 web browsers in over 70 languages. The entire update brings near about 1000 of improvement as well as performance enhancements which have been available on the Aurora channels and Beta to the users, who are using latest builds of Firefox. The full version of it is now available for the Android Operating System and Windows Operating Systems in the following manner:

  • Firefox Release Notes,
  • Firefox For Android Release Notes.

This latest stable version of Firefox is now available for the Mac OS, Windows, Android and Linux platform. Though the existing fire fox users can easily pick up that just by doing a simple click at the update section, as for help you may find it in the following way:

  • Select Menu,
  • Choosing For updates.

Also the existing users of Firefox at the Android platform soon receive an update notification for this latest version.

Also the release is too much light on the new features because the company Mozilla has now switched to a rapid development cycle for release that clearly describes that from next their new versions will come more frequently. Moreover this non-profit organization has promised for pushing out a new stable built within the interval of every 6 weeks. They also declared that their next version Firefox 6 will launch in August.