Mozilla Moves Focus to Enterprises

Mozilla moving its focus

Mozilla released a rapid cycle of Mozilla Firefox leaving businesses in the dust. The Company executives debated the manner in which enterprises thought about rolling out new software when trying to stay atop in the modern arena of web browser development. Often, Mozilla has given the corporate information technology departments that the Company was not concerned about their apprehensions. However, the Company plans to patch things by establishing a new group that will focus on handling enterprise concerns.

Mozilla open for discussions

Several comments offered by the officials of the Company did not assist Mozilla to improve its standing amongst the corporate clients. Microsoft, arch rival of Mozilla, on several occasions took advantage of the Company’s lack of focus on enterprises to regain its lead with IE. However, Mozilla’s Vice President of technical strategy has been urging the Company to focus on enterprises. According to Mike Shaver, Mozilla was open to discuss with the enterprises despite the fact that past attempts have been unsuccessful.

Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group

The Company announced on Tuesday that it was going to re-establish the Mozilla Enterprise User Group. This group will be beneficial to the enterprise developers, information technology staff, and the developers of Firefox to discuss the various challenges, ideas, and best practices that ease the deployment of the web browser in the enterprise. This plan has been established to ensure that Mozilla can stay competitive amongst the various competitors, which include Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

Goals of the MZUWG

The MZUWG will be the single location that can be used to ask questions or request for information. The primary goal of the group is to provide an integrated platform to represent the interests of the various groups. These include the enterprise users of the Company’s web browser, the developers of Firefox, and the deployment personnel of the Company. In addition, the MZUWG will assist Mozilla to deploy successful enterprise setups, share the risks and costs, advocate for better browsers and open standards, and develop guidelines for the Firefox enterprise use.

Working of the MZUWG

The MZUWG has conducted three meeting during 2007 before it went cold. The re-established group will comprise a mailing list along with a conference call every month. The call will be held on the first Thursday of the month at 9am PST where participants will not have to identify the enterprise that they are associated with. Moreover, the MZUWG will comprise an annual forum for discussions.