MSI WindPad – Windows-Powered and AMD-Based Tablet

Henry Lu, The Senior Vice Precedent of MSI, showed off their Windows-powered and AMD-Based tablet the WinPad. Though we already have seen this WinPad on the earlier shows but rather than MSI claiming that they did not want to release as well as marketing the product until they think all had got absolutely right, but at present it comes out by holding the hand of Windows 7 based and a frankly dubious Intel Atom Z530 series processor, so they finally got their right choice this moment.

Well this device WinPad is now still running on Windows 7 OS and its very tough to tell from this very short time we got to play with it, additionally there was no web connection as well as content to test any performances of its functions. But in general what the aesthetics which it really is a touch machines to fall in love with.

When this device was first shows on the stage then out first reaction was what it was, rather chunky or did not change once which we got our hands on it.

It also rather a plasticky too, moreover the weight is only 850 gm which is also too good, only a 40 percent heavier than the iPad 2.

Also it can be say that the hardware inside it looks too much interesting inbounding AMD Brazos dual core APU and a HD 6250 DirectX 11 graphics core.

Here is not over in spite of all of that the Microsoft API also allows their users for some neat acceleration in their existing software in the market such as IE9 as well as the MS Office Suite. Also this is very good to get decent 2GB of DDR 3 RAM except 32 or 64 GB of the SSDs RAM in order to play with depending on your system configuration.

Also the straight 10 inches TFT capacitive screen along with decent picture resolution of 1280×800 is quite be able to chew through HD content both offline and online. The WinPad also comes out along with a HDMI port on its side, that’s why you can also enjoy HD content output too. Unfortunately holding the hand with great power and great of the responsibility it is very sorry to say that WinPad actually comes out with a fairly weak battery life, though MSI is claiming that up to 6 Hours and this is quite normal.