Multi-Purpose Rootkit Threat To Windows And Mac OS X Are Now Identifies By Kaspersky

It is very glad to say that the Lab of Kaspersky has now quite be able detected multi purposes rootkits capable of posting a threat to the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows system, along with a variant which targets Mac OS X.

The warms of Kaspersky, which is the key features of the 64 bit rootkits, uses a special kinds of digital signature for software in spite of trying to bypass the Patch Guard kernel protection system. The rootkits now can be distributed via a downloader, who always tries to install some other malicious types of software.

Open door or platform for a computer hacker:

Alexander Gostev, the chief security expert at Kaspersky lab said “With the help of the “testing digital signature” the 64 – bit operating system driver can be signed now, though Windows vista and higher versions were to be booted under “Test signing mode” which is yet quite be able to launch the drivers signed just with such a signature. It can also say a special type of trap door which the Microsoft has now left for the driver developers in order to taste their creations.”

He also said “The cyber criminals also have to make use of this loophole which allows them to launch their personal drivers without taking help of a legitimate signature. Which, can also be declared as another example of a rootkits, that do not need for any kinds of bypass of the PatchGuard protection system, including the Windows 64 bit operating system”.

Fake antivirus tools target the Mac OS X:

Now experts of the Kaspersky Lab found one of the variant which attempts to download as well as install the so called rough or Fake types of antivirus software for the Mac OS X operating system with the help of other malware.

The block users of rootkits are now taking attempt to run or install popular types of anti malware programs as well as effectively product by monitoring and intercepting the system activity, where the rootkit are now leaving the PC vulnerable to attack the downloader who always try to obtain and execute different types of malicious code which may include the aforementioned Rogue AV for the Mac OS X, this fake antivirus also well-known to us as Hoax OS X. Aside from that Defma F can be say one of the emerging threats for the Mac OS X which are now using rapidly by the cybercriminals at the time of targeted.