Mutewatch – The Silent Alarm Touch Watch

The invention of Mutewatch digital watch by Mai – Li Hammargren marked a remarkable incident in the history of wrist watches. Even if you don’t know anything about its outstanding features it will simply win your heart at the first sight by its bright color and stylish wrist band.

While taking a close look at the unique features of the watch you can find a full touch user interface and a silent vibrating alarm. The inventor of the Mutewatch Mai – Li mentioned that it was the necessity of the silent vibrating alarm that led her to the invention of the watch. She said that she badly needed a silent alarm that could wake her up without disturbing her boyfriend in sleep. So she engaged herself in inventing such an alarm a few years ago in 2007. After that the result is in front of us. With the cooperation of a few friends, lawyers, engineers and some other people Mai – Li finally became successful to invent such an alarm incorporated in the Mutewatch. The Mutewatch appeared in market on 27th of October and it costs $ 259.

The wrist watch weighs 1.4 ounce and it is associated with a capacity touch screen that offers unexpectedly large and simple characters and light screen. The touch screen can be put in action simply by tapping on the screen or twisting the wrist. You can charge it with its small foldable USB plug and also incorporate new software in it. It has been claimed that the battery of the watch will run for weeks only with two hours of charge.

To set the alarm you will only have to tap on the digits and once you set the time you just have to tap on the three icons appeared on the screen. The vibration is claimed to be strong enough to wake up people silently.