New Apps Added To Android Store

New apps have been added to Android app stores. Gamesloft has added the evergreen UNO to the app store. One of the most loved and widely played card games in the world, UNO will definitely be a good addition to the store. This game requires skill, intelligence and of course, a little bit of luck. The game is suitable for all ages. Inclusion of the app shows that Android app store is a very comprehensive store that offers apps for young children as well as the aged. The other app that has made an entry into the Android app store is The Ultimate Drive. This is one of the most useful apps for those who take off on drives frequently. It has been launched by BMW, the international automobile giant.

This app shows the user various routes and roads that lead to a destination of your choice. Drivers can avail this navigational facility in more than fifty countries. Although this app has been specially designed for the owners of BMW, it can be used by anybody. The best part of the app is that it not only shows you the various roads to a destination, it also tells you the best path to traverse. Further, the app provides the facility to store favorite roads. You can also rate the existing roads and post your ratings and comments on FaceBook. If you have a BMW, you can put the picture of your car on the social networking platform in your picture profile as well. However, this facility is available for other vehicles also.

This app is one of the best for people who take day trips over long distances. The app is new, so minor complaints are only obvious. While the app has been in the market for less than ten days now, it has already been upgraded. However, there is nothing in the app that makes it undesirable. It is a useful app and can act as your best navigator. The app is available for free. It can be downloaded from the app store or other authentic sources. The android store has over 250,000 apps in its store and more useful ones such as these are regularly being added. However, a lot of people are slightly skeptic about the security arrangements in the app store because android accepts every app without conducting security checks. This is in contrast to Apple app store, which applies stringent security filters before allowing apps in the store.