New Blackberry Devices To Be Supported By Boxtone

The new BlackBerry phones that are powered by their new operating system BlackBerry OS 7 have gained massive popularity and are being seen as a source of resurgence of BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion. While the phones have been experiencing appreciable patronage, the leading Enterprise Mobility Management, Boxtone has announced its support to the phone. As of now, the phones that will have the feature are Bold 9930 and 9900. These are both phones with keypads and touch display. The other new model, BlackBerry Torch 9810 has a slide out keyboard as well as a touch screen. Two more models, Torch 9850 and 9860, are complete touch screen. All these new devices will sport EMM support. The support has been possible due to the special features of the phone such as a phone needs a fast processor, high screen resolution, enhanced memory and a more powerful HTML5 enabled Web Kit browser. Another special feature is Document to go, which is preloaded in the device. All these features are essential in order to meet the requirements of enterprise users. The launch has been carries out for 255 carriers. This will also make sure that BlackBerry users will be able to use the feature in most of the places all over the world.

According to Alan Snyder, who is the CEO of Boxtone, the new releases by Research in Motion are perfect to be used for enterprise. The Blackberry 7 series powered by OS 7 is high in performance and for multifunctional usage. He also said that the new and enhanced BlackBerry smart phones have the support of Boxtone because they are now ideally placed to be used by enterprises in carrying out their business transactions over the mobile platform. He continued that Boxtone will be glad to support all such mobiles that have a suitable platform and features for enterprise businesses. This support is sure to enhance the popularity of the BlackBerry phones further and help in winning back the largely lost customer base.

Boxtone provides a comprehensive enterprise solution platform for users. It covers everything from system security to single-umbrella management features. It supports business management and helps enterprise businesses conduct various business dealings over mobile platforms. The cost of the service is low when compared to the high standard security that it provides. As for security, the platform ensures that all your business dealings remain largely confidential by providing high level system security.